When people discover that 9 Digit care is a Doula service, I’m often asked where the name came from. Well, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chantel, and I’m a finger amputee. I was involved in a single car collision that spared my life, but stole my index finger on my left hand. I affectionately call my injured hand Dexi, short for No’Dexi (No Index… get it?)

Anyway, my accident gave me a new lease on life, though I knew my calling was in the birthing world since 2010. Reflecting back I remember being a person of support to a close friend, heading straight from my job to the hospital to be by her side. She birthed the way she wanted to, in a hospital space, in America! I didn’t realize at the time that this was a near medical miracle considering the rate of cesarean and/or other preventable outcomes. Since that time, I’ve become an advocate for breastfeeding and birthing rights. I know my voice and my knowledge can make a difference as a doula. Fun fact, black women make up only 6% of doulas nation wide.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell of Baby, Please Birth Services in 2019 while pregnant with my 4th child. Unbeknownst to me, Michelle’s knowledge and our mutual circle of birth worker friends would open my eyes to the gift I’ve always had; spreading fact based information about birth and breastfeeding. I’ve assisted in 4 births as a doula before even knowing what a doula was! With over 15 years serving birthing families under her belt, I am proud to have been one of the first students to be trained and mentored by who I consider to be New Jersey’s birthing guru.

As I work on becoming certified through the National Black Doula Association, allow me to serve you and your family with your birth needs. Check out my services page to see what I’m currently offering and request a free consultation to discuss how 9 Digit Care can be of service to you and your birth team.

F.A.Q.’s & Things you should know…

Why did you become a doula?

Simply put… I’m sick and tired of women not being heard in hospital spaces. I’m saddened when people get together to tell their birth stories and they’re filled with trauma. I want safe, calm, and empowered births to be the norm. I want to help avoid all too common preventable outcomes. I want to be there for you.

Are you certified?

Yes!! I completed my certification through The National Black Doulas Association in January 2022.

What training have you received?

I took The National Black Doulas Association‘s Birth Doula Training, completed May 23rd, 2021. 

Who were you trained by?

I was taught by Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell of Baby, Please Birth Services. Michelle is a Certified Labor Doula, Evidence Based Birth Instructor and National Black Doula Association Doula Trainer & Mentor. In her spare time she loves supporting The Birth Center of NJ as their Doula Coordinator and Childbirth Instructor.

Do you plan on continuing education?

Absolutely! I intend to enroll in NBDA‘s Postpartum Doula training session as soon as I’m able. I’m also in the process of earning Child Passenger Safety, CPR, and IBCLC certifications as well. My end goal is to become a Midwife.

What is your approach to doula care?

Information based care! Point blank, period. This is not my birth, it’s yours. It doesn’t matter what I like or prefer while I’m at your service. My primary goals are your safety, your consent, your comfort and striving to reach your birth goals. However you’d like to achieve that is the approach.

How many families have you served?

I’ve had the pleasure of serving almost 10 families. Fun fact, I served as a doula 4 times before even knowing what a doula was! It felt natural to me to be there and support these women during those times. I’m forever grateful that I was allowed to be a part of their birthing space, and maybe yours too.

What types of births do you attend?

I attend any and all types of births as a DOULA. Please understand what a doula is and is not. I am not a doctor. I am not a midwife. It is not my job to catch your baby. If I’m called to your birth and you are medically unassisted, please be advised that I WILL call an ambulance. I will also fulfill my duty as a doula but again, please be aware that I am NOT a medical professional.

What types of services do you offer?

I offer Prenatal, Birth, and 4th Trimester care. Please see my services page to see what I’m currently offering and request a free consultation to discuss your needs.

How many clients do you take on at once?

Currently, I will not take on more than about 3 clients a month. I like to allow 10 days before and after a “due date” to anticipate and expect baby’s arrival.

Will you be there for my birth?

I like to allow 10 days before and after a “due date” to anticipate and expect baby’s arrival. If in the event I’m unavailable for your birth I’d be happy to direct you to a Doula Coordinator.

Do you have any references?

Yes! Check out my Google Reviews.

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